A Tesla semi, balloon-powered Internet, and Bill Gates is building a smart city — This Week’s 10 Reads from a Chief Innovation Officer


I read over 100 articles this week so you don’t have to — Here are the top 10 you should read over the weekend and (new addition!) why they matter for government.

♻️ Your Strategy Should Be a Hypothesis You Constantly Adjust http://bit.ly/2zKPIxH

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Government needs to adopt an adaptive mindset to better respond to change and new technologies. The pace of change is accelerating and agencies that don’t have a culture to adapt will not be prepared to face the disruptions ahead.

🚛 This is the Tesla electric semi truck http://bit.ly/2za4oqP

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: The eventual rise of self-driving semi-trucks will challenges existing revenue structures for government. The National League of Cities (NLC) put out a guide to help cities prepare.

👨‍🚀 21 Jobs of the Future — A Guide to Getting And Staying Employed http://cogniz.at/2zRnmzo [PDF]

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: The Center for Digital Government counts 27 new C-level positions that have entered the public sector in recent years — an early indication that government is not immune to change and is looking for ways to make sense of it today.

🚦 Louisville Uses Waze Data for Better Transportation Outcomes http://bit.ly/2AH9WW3

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Becoming a smart city does not happen when you blanket your city with expensive sensors — it happens when you find ways to leverage and maximize the infrastructure you already have, like your citizens.

⚠️ Cisco: Most IoT projects are failing due to lack of experience and security http://zd.net/2ABonea

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Many IoT initiatives have struggled to succeed due to a variety of purposes, and I would argue that the main reason is a lack of defined purpose or business value. Government agencies need to ensure all technology, in this case IoT, has a strategic value before pulling the trigger.

🏙 Bill Gates buys big chunk of land in Arizona to build ‘smart city’ http://bit.ly/2zOWHWH

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Bill Gates is the latest to join Alphabet and others in building a model smart city from scratch. There are a wide host of benefits and learnings that will happen from these exercises, but I also think it’s important to keep in mind that existing cities cannot be rebuilt — so we must ensure technology from these experiments can also be applied to pre-built environments.

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