Hacking cars, job-stealing robots and a newspaper becomes a software company — This Week’s 10 Reads from a Chief Innovation Officer

⏱ Watch Thieves Hack Keyless Entry to Steal a Mercedes in Less Than a Minute http://bit.ly/2Bgcv1x

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: This video is a good example that demonstrates how the interconnectedness of society will lead to new forms of crime we could never anticipate — such as someone hacking a keyless vehicle to steal it. Local government agencies will be the frontlines of these new battles and it’s important for them to recognize the trends and equip their staff (in this case law enforcement) to handle these new forms of crime.

⌚️ IOTA launches IoT data marketplace, envisions devices autonomously buying and trading information http://bit.ly/2An1IFS

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: There are multiple IoT platforms that are competing to become the new standard in Internet-enabled devices (HomeKit, etc.); unfortunately, their standards are typically wrapped up into hardware — which is why a platform for IoT data instead of platform for devices makes so much sense. In order to realize real value from IoT, government agencies will need to focus bringing data from disparate devices into one place. A streetlight with a dozen sensors doesn’t make your city smarter — the ability to access, analyze and process its data (and other devices) is what does.

☁️ Amazon Focuses on Machine Learning to Beat Cloud Rivals https://bloom.bg/2ipRrSx

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: It’s great to see that cloud infrastructure companies are shifting their focus from optimizing basic infrastructure functions (speed, etc.) into enabling new services through on-demand models (i.e., machine learning or AI-as-a-service). These new cloud applications will enable government agencies to have access to state-of-the-art capabilities on-demand and disruptively priced. No state and local government agency could afford a supercomputer in the past, but they now have the ability to use one in the cloud for pennies on the dollar.

💰 UK Government Launches £20 Million Fund for Gov Tech Startups https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-support-for-tech-to-boost-public-sector-productivity

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: It’s great to see the spread and maturity of the government technology (gov tech) industry across the globe. From London, England to New York City, New York, gov tech is a growing industry that has enabled entrepreneurs to transform city hall — and the best is yet to come. You can read more about what we are seeing in the market on GovTech Biz.

🔑 Blockchains are poised to kill off passwords, once and for all http://bit.ly/2AxIxcw

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: The blockchain has the potential to disrupt many industries, including government. A foundational element of this disruption will be wrapped up in user identity and will fundamentally flip how we access the Internet — and further eliminating the need for traditional passwords altogether. For government, blockchain can provide a powerful decentralized infrastructure that is resilient and secure as a byproduct. The tech is still in its infancy from an ease of development standpoint, but every day it’s becoming much easier to build on.

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