The rise of car subscriptions, code-less machine learning and freelancing in the future of work— This Week’s 10 Reads from a Chief Innovation Officer

I read over 100 articles this week so you don’t have to — Here are the top 10 you should read over the weekend and why they matter for the public sector.


          🚙 You Will No Longer Lease a Car. You Will Subscribe to It.

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Self-driving technology is not the most disruptive thing in the auto industry today (although it will be soon) — today it’s the rise of new ways to obtain a vehicle. From the rise of companies like Car2Go and Silvercar — to on-demand services like Uber and Lyft, these are all examples of the rise of flexible vehicle usage. We’re going from a society of ownership to a society of subscriptions and anything as-a-service. For government agencies, the rise of new flexible models of vehicle ownership will require changes in the tax infrastructure many government agencies rely own to support their general revenues.

🎓 Now anyone can explore machine learning, no coding required

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Machine learning has the potential to help government agencies make better sense of their data but it has required new skills that existing employees do not always have. The rise of frictionless and code-less machine learning systems will help lower the barrier for agencies and existing employees to begin to adopt the technology.

🎫 This New Blockchain Project Gives Homeless New Yorkers A Digital Identity

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: Historically, technology has unlocked significant value for those that have had the means of accessing it — that’s why this story of using the blockchain to provide identity to homeless individuals in New York is so powerful. Government agencies should take notice of this use-case and ensure that they continue to focus on digital equity in all new technology initiatives.

📉 The Hidden Player Spurring a Wave of Cheap Consumer Devices: Amazon

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: It’s important for government agencies to understand the macro-trends impacting technology adoption — and this was a great article that illustrated the impact Amazon has had on the current wave of inexpensive devices in the market — all of which people are using to interface with government at a level never seen before.

🆓 Google Is Giving Away AI That Can Build Your Genome Sequence

🏛 Why it Matters for Government: In 1991 it cost $2.7 billion dollars to sequence the first human genome and over the years we’ve seen that exponentially decline to approximately $1,000 per person. Now enter freemium — the ability to have your genome sequenced by AI at no cost — but there’s always a catch, and government agencies will need to deal with how to regulate the use of genetic data in future data privacy conversations.

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