• Marriott Louisville (map)
  • 280 W Jefferson St
  • Louisville, KY, 40202
  • United States

Facing difficult economic realities and new challenges and threats to their communities, public sector leaders everywhere have been exploring ways to do more with less and approaches to better meet the needs of their citizens. States and especially cities have emerged as local laboratories of innovation: In those more nimble environments, officials are finding ways to break down barriers of bureaucracy, habit, and culture. They’re deploying new tools and technologies for delivering better services more efficiently. They’re engaging citizens and building partnerships with business and community leaders. These jurisdictions and their leaders are drivers of change and innovation – helping their governments transform from the bottom up and inside-out.  

The national Summit on Government Performance and Innovation will convene a powerful network of public sector leaders and innovators for a day-and-a-half program celebrating achievements in government transformation: Meet mayors, city managers, county executives and other high-ranking officials from across the nation, along with chief innovation officers, as well as data, and performance officers. Join civic-tech enthusiasts, change-agents, and visionaries. Learn about new strategies and cutting-edge tools to empower innovation and better outcomes across government and society. Find out how to promote culture change in your organization, as well as the specific practices and technologies that can scale and sustain the momentum of progress. Discuss outcomes-focused approaches, data and performance metrics. Combine forces with industry leaders for the benefit of your community. Join Governing and the City of Louisville in celebrating curiosity and change in government. Participate in this unique event and be part of the change!