• Indiana State Capitol (map)
  • Indianapolis, IN

Exponential Government: The Future of Public Service

Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation Officer, e.Republic (@dustinhaisler)

ex·po·nen·tial (adjective): becoming more and more rapid.

The world we’ve known is changing at exponential speed. The iPhone has eclipsed the Blackberry, mobile devices are displacing PCs, the cloud is radically challenging long-held assumptions about data centers, and the Internet of Things is redefining connectivity. What we regard as state of the art today will look quaint tomorrow as exponential technologies unlock individual, organizational, and societal potential. Along the way, people get scared, old organizational models crumble, and legacy cost structures stop penciling out. Understanding these shifts and how they differ from previous shifts is imperative. This session provides a tour of the meta-trends that are reshaping our communities – demographics, economics, methods of work, customer expectations and the relevance of governmental institutions — all annotated with real world examples. By the end, you’ll have a clearer picture of what Exponential Government will look like, how it will act, and why your actions today can lead you to a preferred exponential future and a more perfect union.