Traditional research and consulting sucks. You spend more time negotiating a price then the entire consulting engagement would take to deliver. At the end of the engagement, your takeaway is normally a three-ring binder (or a PDF if you're lucky) of non-actionable content. It's no wonder small businesses normally skip hiring consultants all together. It's time for something different.

After working with numerous Fortune 100 companies on large scale consulting projects over the years - I realized there are three primary elements companies actually need help with: Making sense of the landscape they are in, getting external feedback on product & messaging, and refocusing their strategic direction.
— Dustin Haisler

As a result, I've bundled these three items together into a single package that is delivered in days not months.


Landscape analysis

It's more important than ever for companies to understand the big picture of the environment they are operating in - with up-to-date data . This section dives into key industry macro and micro trends, competitive players (or so to be competitive players), and market activities.


product & messaging

A company's product and messaging direction often falls victim to internal bias and roadmap misdirection, so conducting a deep external review can help validate or challenge your overall product direction. This section dives into product onboarding, usability, and overall go-to-market messaging.


strategy analysis 

Your employees may be laser focused on accomplishing your vision - but what if there are other opportunities you're not aware of? This section dives into your current strategy and identifies other potential use-cases and strategic opportunities you can use to take your company to the next level. 

What Is Included In Delivery

📼 Shareable Video Briefing of Research

💻 Interactive Research Briefing Document

💡 1 Cycle Of Follow-Up Questions (Via e-mail)

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A three-element package that breaks down the market landscape, product & messaging recommendations, and an overall strategy review. Delivered in 3-5 business days. After successful online purchase you will receive an e-mail to kickoff the process and collect basic information (product logins, etc.) to start immediately.
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