Smart cities

Current Smart Cities research and development is focused on the use of hyperconnected field sensors to assess a community's health and validate the performance of initiatives. While this is a good practice, it often leaves out a crucial element of what truly makes up a smart city, its people. 

People are the smartest aspect of any city and are capable of far more than simply living in it. 

Here are a few things people can do within a structured crowdsourced process:

  1. Identify and rank city issues
  2. Identify and rank potential city solutions
  3. Microtasking work on issues and/or solutions
  4. Fund solutions
  5. Implement solutions
  6. Validate solutions

When separate elements are combined they form a crowdsourced business process. 

The combination of multiple crowdsourced business processes forms a closed knowledge base.

The intelligent linkage of closed knowledge bases, accomplish through structured data standards, creates an open knowledge repository that would allow other cities to learn from one another by pooling collective intelligence from all city layers. 


Cover Photo Credit: Kim Seng